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Welcome to the Shakes & Fidget fansite!

The Formulas is Shakes & Fidget fansite. SF game is a MMORPG browser game. This web site contains many formulas and statistics from the game, and some very helpful tools to calculate profitability of quests or deciding which weapon is better. Excellent for both beginners and advanced players.


In the Shakes & Fidget we often meet various dilemmas. Which Quest should I choose? Which weapon should I choose? Which has a better damage? Will I win against this enemy? Which item is better? To help solve these problems I have created several interactive forms. They will calculate what is better and show you best choice. At this moment I am creating additional calculators to simulate battles in the arena and advanced analyzing system for comparing items with different statistics based on your character.


Here you will find three sections. All contain tables with prices. How much you spend on building your character? How much cost expanding Guild features? What is the cost of the Guild War?


AKA Info. Here you will find values for bonuses and penalties for each Classes and Races, requirements and images of every single Medal. You can also check City Guard earnings, Experience points requirements for level up and compare Dungeons monsters statistics. Epic Items section coming soon.


I am working on character profile page. You will have option to save, modify, and read your character statistics. What does this mean? That you will not need to type each time your character stats and items, the page will save all data. Comparing and choosing new items will be even more easy.