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Few words about author and information sources

Kalais magA few words about me? I am playing at Polish server number 6. Full relax mode. :) I have also created character at US server 1, but I am not very active there (yet?). My nickname is Kalais. I have a strange mania for making fansites about games that I like. At beginning I just wrote down a few formulas from SFgame, later wrote a simple script to calculate which quest is better... After I was like "Hey, it is great start for a fansite". And here it is :)

As for sources of informations – they are mostly my observations and analysis of the game, and the plenty of data is from various forums, mainly from the Polish and American. Sometimes it is difficult to determine who is the main author of the data, because everyone paste text from thread to thread, forum to forum, but I feel that it is worth mentioning Sei (pl), Bullet (pl), Kuciap (pl) CooKies (pl), J00ke (pl), Dragonkiller (de), Freya (us), Leander (us), Chris and fistikis (us).

P.S. If you would like to thank me for this this site, please register with one of the following links:
US server 1:,
PL server 6:
Thanks! :)