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Compare 2 Tavern's quests

Quest 1 Quest 2
Reward (silver)
Time (min:sec)


Reward: money awarded for quest. Note, the value you enter is silver pieces.
Example: 3 SFgame Gold 69 SFgame Silver is 369.

Experience: experience points awarded for quest.

Time: the amount of time needed to complete the quest. Please note, enter the colon.
Example: 2 minutes and 30 seconds is 2:30.

Compare profitability of Tavern's quests

Exceptionally, an introduction to this section is on the bottom, so there is no need to scroll down page to tables. At the Tavern there are always three quests to choose. Some quests give more experience points, the other - gold. Due to the varying duration of quests, sometimes it is hard to decide which quest is more profitable. And here comes help of the above calculator. Just rewrite the values from the game and press "Compare" to see which quest is best for you.

Personally I always have problem with choosing between two quests. The other one I reject. That's why I made calculator for only two quests. If you would like to compare all three quests - this feature is not available yet... but you can compare three quest anyway. Just compare two quest, and then compare better of them with third quest.

Compare 3 Tavern's quests

Probably ;) coming soon.