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Check and compare dunegon monsters

Monster 1 Monster 2 Monster 3 Monster 4 Monster 5


Dungeon's number: dungeon where appear monster
Monster's number: value of monster/level which you can see after mouse over dungeon icon. Example: if it is 3/10, pick 3.

Dungeon monsters statistics

Often we have the choice to attack monsters in various dungeons and we don't know whom to attack. It's hard to guess which opponent will be easier to kill, which has a lower hit points and lower level. And here comes in help above comparing table. Choose up to five opponents (you can also less) and check their stats just in few clicks. Theoretically, the easiest to kill is monster with the lowest level and lowest amount of hit points.

Additional Dungeon informations

In the Shakes & Fidget there is 12 dungeons total. 10th opens after finishing 1-9 dungeons, 11th - after clearing 10th, 12th - after clearing 11th.

Keys to the dungeons can be found at quests and sometimes in shops. Keys are generated randomly, which means that the key which is available from level 30 may occur event at level 40.

In each dungeon you have:
- 50% chance of getting the normal item
- 25% chance to get an epic item
- at level 10 of each dungeon you have 100% chance to get an epic item

Keys to the dungeon:
Dungeon 1 - from level 10 (quest)
Dungeon 2 - from level 20 (quest)
Dungeon 3 - from level 30 (quest)
Dungeon 4 - from level 40 (quest)
Dungeon 5 - from level 50 (quest)
Dungeon 6 - from level 70 (quest and may also appear in the shop)
Dungeon 7 - from level 80 (quest)
Dungeon 8 - from level 95 (quest)
Dungeon 9 – from level 110 (quest and may also appear in the shop)

Possible minor bugs

It is possible that there are minor errors in the naming or statistics, resulting from translation errors or simple mistakes. Please post them on the forums.